CT Scan: Definition, Use, and Preparation Before Doing It

A CT scan or computerized tomography scan is a medical examination procedure that uses a combination of X-ray technology and a special computer system to produce images of organs, bones, and soft tissues inside the body. Images from CT scans can provide more detailed and accurate information than regular X-rays. This medical procedure is also usually not time consuming and … Read more

Find Out Your Body Condition Using X-Ray Examination

X-ray examination or X-ray is a medical imaging technique that uses electromagnetic radiation to take pictures or photos of the inside of the body. This procedure is part of the supporting examination for the purposes of establishing a more accurate diagnosis. Injuries, infections, fractures, arthritis, tooth decay, osteoporosis, or bone cancer are some of the medical conditions that require … Read more

Everything About Radiotherapy That You Should Know

Radiotherapy or radiation therapy is a medical procedure to treat cancer. The purpose of radiotherapy is to kill cancer cells, stop the growth and spread of cancer cells, and prevent cancer recurrence. Radiotherapy can be given through X-ray exposure, implants in the body, as well as through oral drugs and injections. For maximum results, radiotherapy is often used … Read more

MRI Can Help Identify Disease

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an examination that uses a magnetic field and radio wave energy to display images of structures and organs in the body. Image from the MRI can help physicians diagnose a wide range of issues related to your health. In an MRI test, the part of the body to be scanned is placed on a … Read more