Know The Functions Of The Left Brain And Right Brain

The brain is one of the important organs in the human body. The brain is divided into two sides, namely the left brain and right brain. Each side of the brain has its own role and function in controlling all parts of the human body.

Both the left brain and right brain play an important role in regulating all body functions to carry out daily activities.

A study shows that the left brain is used more for analytical, verbal, and in tune thinking processes. Meanwhile, the right brain is used to think visually, intuitively, and creatively.

Know the Functions of the Left Brain and Right Brain Deeper

Based on the differences in the function of the left brain and right brain, there is a theory which states that a person has a tendency to use one part of his brain more. The dominance of one part of the brain will then affect a person’s personality and abilities.

The difference between the dominance of the left brain and right brain can be seen from the ability and way of thinking. Following are the differences:

left brain

The left brain is thought to be better at doing tasks that involve logic, language, and analytical thinking. Left-brain dominant people are described as being more proficient in the following areas:

  • Language, such as writing and reading
  • Mathematics
  • Critical and logical thinking
  • Analysis
  • Thought based on facts

right brain

The right brain is considered better for doing things related to creativity. Right-brain dominant people are described as more proficient in things, such as:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Visuals or pictures
  • Intuitive thinking
  • Nonverbal cues
  • Imagination

Is it true that every human being has a more dominant side of the brain?

There are many opinions regarding the theory of the right brain and left brain and their influence on the field of human work.

The theory states that the left and right side of the brain control different ways of thinking. Both can determine the characteristics, personality, and even the right job for each person.

However, the results of the MRI scan did not show any part of the brain that dominates or influences a person’s personality more than other parts of the brain.

Existing research has also found no strong evidence to support the right-brain or left-brain dominant theory. Both sides of the brain are connected and in carrying out their functions, the right and left brain coordinate with each other.

The study confirmed that every part of the brain can be more active when doing something. For example, the right brain is tasked with focusing on following directions, while the left brain plays a role in carrying out language functions. However, this does not mean that one side of the brain is more dominant and affects human personality.

The left brain and right brain both play an active and important role for humans in carrying out their activities. Therefore, it would be better to maximize the function of the two brains synergistically than to separate their functions separately.

If you still have questions about the differences in the function of the left brain and right brain or feel that you are experiencing complaints related to brain function, you can consult a doctor .

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