Various Brain Exercises to Reduce senile dementia

With age, brain performance can decline. This can make your memory decline, senile, and other cognitive problems. However, this may be slowed down by doing brain exercises regularly.

According to the research, you are more likely to experience a decline in brain performance in old age if you lead a monotonous life and never engage your brain to continue to think actively. By doing brain exercise, you will continue to invite the brain to think actively and creatively. 

This is expected to help strengthen the ability of the brain and memory. Therefore, brain exercise is good for the elderly with geriatric syndromes who have impaired cognitive function, such as senile dementia or dementia.

Frequent training of brain abilities is also known to increase intelligence or IQ.

Activities That Can Be Done As Brain Gym

In order for the brain to function properly, the brain should not only be allowed to work passively. Passive conditions tend to make the brain’s performance decline. The key to brain exercise is to invite the brain to learn new things and do something that makes the brain think and work actively.

Here are some types of brain exercises that you can do:

  • engawali day reading newspapers
    By reading newspapers, brain treated to a variety of new information. In addition, you can also hone your brain skills by filling out crossword puzzles or sudoku games on the newspaper.
  • Learning a new language
    According to research, introducing new vocabulary to the brain can lower your risk of cognitive decline.
  • Learn to play a musical instrument
    Especially if this is a new activity for you. Music has good benefits for the brain. The brain is trained in new and complex things such as reading musical notes or scales regularly and within a certain period of time, will be useful in preventing aging of brain function.
  • Passing a different way home than usual
    This simple thing can be one of the brain exercises. You can also try imagining a new travel map in your brain.
  • Trying to cook a new dish
    This activity can involve several parts of the brain, because you are required to use various senses such as taste, sight, touch and smell.
  • Playing games
    Like memory games, puzzles , cards, or crossword puzzles can also sharpen your brain.
  • engerjakan matter of counting
    Try doing this problem without the help of tools stationery or arithmetic. Do it by just imagining it in your brain.
  • Remembering the monthly shopping shopping list
    Try to write down a monthly grocery list that you want to buy, then record it in your brain. After a few hours, try to remember what items were on the list.
  • Actively socialize .
    Connecting with people can be good for your brain. This is why people who are already in retirement are advised to stay in a community. In addition, by socializing you can get new information from different people.

In addition, light exercise is also very helpful in maintaining memory and thinking skills. Light exercise that can be an option include walking, running, swimming, and aerobics. Actually, experts still want to study more deeply about the relationship between brain exercise and brain performance. However, considering that there have been several studies that have found positive results in this regard, it never hurts to try doing brain exercises.

In addition to doing brain exercise, you can also maintain the health of this important organ by regularly exercising and eating foods that are good for the brain, such as foods rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, vitamins B6 and B12, and low -fat foods. fat and cholesterol. If you or a relative experience memory problems, you should consult a doctor so that appropriate treatment can be given immediately.

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